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DATOS Engineering d.o.o.

About Us

DaToS Engineering is a young company with a high concentration of family knowledge. Our strengths are adaptability, precision and fast response time. We can provide machining of all sorts of materials, technical support, project management, 3D part drawing and design...

Machining capabilities include drilling, turning, milling, grinding, polishing, we provide cut-up, cleaned and machined steel sheet metal, pipes and other types of stock material.

No matter what your ideas are and how impossible they seem, when can provide you with a solution, with the help of our extensive technical knowledge, hi-tech computer hardware, large network of production partners and a thoughtful process mindset.

With the incorporation of worldwide trends and innovation, we are up to date with all modern methods of metal processing.

We can assure you, that our customers get full dedication from our team. Coupled with teamwork, we can provide a solution to any customer.


DATOS Engineering d.o.o.
Cermozise 31
2287 Zetale

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  • GSM:  00386 70 712 878
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